Awesome Gifts


Awesome and awesome gifts the words and what they mean to me. When I was in first grade back in 1979, I believe. I heard the word awesome for the first time I liked it right away but had no idea what the word meant, so I asked around as at that time internet wasn’t even a thought in anyone’s head, and being in the first grade I didn’t think of looking in a dictionary nor would I have probably been able to read it if I had.

Finally, I got told that it means that something is extremely impressive (I’m paraphrasing here because it was a long long time ago). From then on it was my word I adopted it. Everything I saw or heard was AWESOME! Now we have gifts, so putting my favorite adjective in front of it means to me that these gifts are pretty impressive to me.


Dude now this word is slang for buddy friend or even a stranger. Unlike awesome, it has fallen out of favor, but at times even now I find myself using it, especially when talking to old friends, So for years my go-to words were awesome, dude did no matter if the person was male or female now some used dudette for female I tried that, but it just did not feel right so back to using dude for either. So to go back to my roots, “Dude you need to see these awesome gifts


Now I love entertainment whether it be a comedy tv show like Big Bang Theory, one of my favorites of all time, or action drama like The Flash, which sadly is ending soon. I love it. Movies from classics like Arsenic and Old Lace, The Court Jester, or Frankenstein to new movies like Dr. Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness, Spiderman: No Way Home, and Weird The Al Yankovich Story. I love it. Now being a true nerd I love reading comics from dc, Marvel, lost boys, etc. And Novels such as the 200 or so Star Wars books I read or the 40 Dragonlance books and also Stephen King books like Cujo, The Stand, and The Dark Tower series. Again I love it.

Furthermore, I’m a huge huge fan of video games, whether it’s on my Playstation 5, my iPhone, or my personal computer. I love video games from Final Fantasy VII reboot, Final Fantasy XV, and Star Wars Fallen order on PlayStation 5. Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, or DC Universe online for pc. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. (just in case you are curious, yes, I’m a huge super fan of everything Star Wars since 1977). Marvel Strike Force or Dc Legends for my iPhone. So to sum it up, I love all entertainment so now that brings me to parties. (not a favorite for most nerds but I am unique). They are fun so if you’re like me and you like parties. Why not follow me here where you can get some party accessories, and gifts for adults and even kids?


So speaking of parties what is better than beer at a party Fine Wine? Wine is the elixir of the gods given to mankind. So go indulge yourself in the sweet Nectar of the gods. Like Ambrosia, it is truly the gods gift to us. Now besides Wine being great tasting. Red wine actually has huge health benefits for women and men as long as it is not drunk in excess.

Health benefits of red wine

  • Antioxidants
  • Get Slim (yes, our favorite alcoholic beverage can help you lose weight. It’s science or magic who knows).
  • Stop Cancer (this, in my opinion, is the biggest one. Just 3 or 4 glasses of red wine a week can help prevent it)
  • Fights off the common cold
  • boost your brain. Yes, red wine can help with your memory
  • and helps control blood sugar (which, if you a diabetic like I am that’s huge)
  • Protects your heart. After all there’s no wizard that is going to give us a heart.
  • lowers bad Cholesterol
  • Prevents tooth decay. Sadly I am too late for this to help me. But if you’re looking at this and are young enough, it may save your teeth.
  • promotes eye health move over Carrots you got competition
  • longer life, yes anti-aging benefits

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