Is College Worth It?

Is College a Good Investment? College is increasingly proving to be a WASTE OF TIME, MONEY, AND ENERGY, resulting in massive debts and negatively harming people’s financial situations. Some debts will take generations to repay.

School tuition is rising, as are grades, but real-world success rates are falling, much like the jobless rate under Trump.

“Colleges barely teach, but they raise their tuition every year.” If you tried that in a private firm, you might get charged with fraud. If you do it at an American university, you will receive billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies.” Tucker Carlson’s Tonight.

Is College Worth It?

College Failed

OK… Let’s go through this one more time…

45 percent of students, whether they are in elementary school or college, “did not show a discernible improvement in learning over the course of the first two years.” Nearly forty percent of students did not demonstrate any sign of intellectual growth over the course of the four years.

It is quite clear that going to college does not make people smarter.

35% of students report devoting fewer than five hours of study time each week, which indicates that many students have never really studied.

The only information that has been provided is 2.67 hours every day. Spending twice as much time shopping, dining, and going out on the town.

The number of illiterate adults has been gradually climbing. The majority of college graduates have a performance level that is below average when it comes to cognitive tasks. (Such instance determining the costs of groceries in a Grocery Store).

The average test score of a graduate of a college or university in the United States is at or below the level of a high school student in a number of other nations.

Academic rigor at top universities is dropping.

The content of college classes is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Despite this, the typical college student earns grades higher than 3.0. The most extreme cases of grade inflating can be seen in private schools. There are more pupils failing, yet nobody is actually failing.

And are these organizations receiving billions of dollars in public funds? What is happening?! The authorities would be reported fraudulent activity if this were a private corporation.

So, what is the solution?

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