Stop the Stink of Pet Farts

Stop the stink of pet (and human) farts. Contending with them and looking for who is to blame. Or blaming other people, our pets, or some strange smell that you can’t identify. When, in fact we have done the deed ourselves. We have all experienced this, some more than others, I’m sure. Sometimes it’s medications we take or foods we eat. Our bodies do not need the gas it produces, so it lets it go sometimes in a loud sound that is like ducks quacking others are silent ninja farts. In my youth mine was always the ninja, so it was easy to blame others LOL. But now you can get rid of that stink!

Well, our animals, have the same issues. I’ve had many cats and let me tell you they can contend with the best of them when it comes to farting PHEW. Cats, unlike humans, just fart and look over at you like, ahh well, I let it out, then go about their business. Usually, we may not even see the cat. Just all of a sudden, there is this appalling smell, leaving you to look around to see where it is coming from, which is especially funny if you are alone and do not realize your cat is there. But alas there is now a solution to squash the smell and stop the stink of pet farts.

Smelly Farts!

Pets are great, especially cats. But the last thing you want is a room full of friends or guests. And suddenly your cat walks in letting it blast like it’s the newest form of attack in germ warfare. Of course, all your guests or friends will be wondering which person did it. Because we generally forget sometimes that our dear four-legged friends can fart as well.

People Fart Too

Now as I stated before it isn’t just our pets that fart and stink up the room and we tend to blame our pets or others. Of course, with us, men or young boys farting can be a favorite game of who can fart the loudest and smelliest. And then there are those really daring men that will light up their own farts (as seen on tv). I have not participated in this outrageous event but I have been witness to it. I feel it is pretty hilarious and will give a great laugh or two.

So, this awesome product not only works on our beloved pets. But ourselves as well. Yes, there is a solution to that raunchy stench that blows out our backside at times. Now, as far as the noise well nothing can be done about that yet but hey they are a lot easier to hide and they don’t make anyone gag.

Men Are Not The Only Humans Who Fart!

Now it’s funny but women especially deny that they fart. Even when caught head handed they will deny it until they are blue in the face. But if they do mention it they call it breaking wind or some silly thing like that. Reminds me of the name of my mother’s favorite movie (sounds like another great name for this product lol).

Hilarious Fart Joke!

I would like to tell you a joke here that was told to me by my mom and to her by my grandfather. I believe it certainly sounds like a joke he would have told. So there is this man who loves Boston Baked Beans ( who can blame him really). But of course, they make him fart loud and smell extremely bad. So his wife made him promise not to eat baked beans anymore. Reluctantly he agreed.

Then one day on his birthday he is walking by a local restaurant and the aroma is to die for yes Boston baked beans. He thinks it’s his bday it will be ok and he will just have a little. So He eats his beans, happy and full he goes home as he enters the house he realizes he needs to pass gas but his wife greets him at the door blindfolds him, and ushers him into the room, into a chair, and leaves the room. He thinks thank goodness she left now he can release the Kraken (or in this case horrible gas). So he lets it rip and boy is it loud. After a few minutes, his wife returns and takes off the blindfold there sits in his dining room are 12 guests there to celebrate his birthday through a surprise party LOL.

Well, I always found it funny I hope you did too but now his wife can get him this incredible product where not only she could stop his smelly farts but can stop the stink of pet farts too.