Living Akaline

Living Akaline: My mentor, Rory Ricard, taught me how to live an alkaline lifestyle. And it’s something I’ve recently become more conscious of. This is truly a better way to live. So, with that, I’ll share more of it here.

I am now focusing on more ways to live an Alkaline lifestyle daily. It leads to far better life decisions. And it makes perfect sense. Plus, once you start living Alkaline, you will feel fantastic and thank us later!

Our community training and educational webinars feature Richard Davidson’s story and others. Though you will gain access to products that will assist you in living this way in the context of this article and in greater detail as you require them. Simply ask!

Here is a PH SCALE of various foods and food groups and where they fall in the alkalinity scheme. The more we can help our bodies maintain an alkaline state without drawing on resources, the better. It truly has both short-term and long-term benefits. To see this happen, making small changes and adapting to living in Alkaline is necessary.

Who Draws Our Attention to Living Alkaline:

Richard Davidson was the one who did. He is Rory’s mentor, so much so that without his actions (and they were significant) in his life, Rory would not be here. Rory mentions him in his book “Marketing Is Freedom.” And his lessons will go on.

Let me tell you about Richard:

He is a passionate advocate for alkaline health and overall wellness. Second, he is living evidence of this. He practices the Alkaline Lifestyle 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is not a joke. Third, he demonstrates it daily by talking the talk but also walking the walk. And when you meet him, you’ll be the same as everyone else. “What are you doing?” “What are you doing? I want to be like you when I grow up!”

Rory has expressed his gratitude that Richard is connected to him.

Finally, Richard is an 83-year-old retired U.S. Navy E.O.D. diver. He is a literal badass, and while he may not admit it, wait and see. Because you will recognize it when you hear and feel his life through the stories Richard tells. He has more than figured out the Living Alkaline way of things, having lived where he was in great shape and continued far after his military career.

And now Richard is passing it on to friends, family, and anyone willing to listen (see where I was influenced in my actions as well). He retired from the military in 1982. Richard is still working hard to stay healthy in 2024 and beyond. As a result, he can concentrate on remaining full of life and purpose. We are fortunate to have Richard as a member of our community, and he is a guest speaker who shares his expertise with us.

We look forward to many live speaking and engagements with Richard and all of us each year.

Some Living Alkaline Examples:

Let me start by saying, “Living Alkaline is not a BAD Thing, and it comes with awesome awareness and benefits.” To begin with, you can have a glass of wine every night! However, please make sure that it is an authentic fine wine. Not the nonsense sold in liquor stores, grocery stores, or even large “Wine Stores.” Fact: An original fine wine made correctly supports the Alkaline Lifestyle. Second, the benefits of an actual fine wine help your body digest the stuff you eat. Not to mention that it extends the life of food and improves taste in general. Furthermore, drinking one glass of water per night provides numerous health benefits. Visit this page for more information on selecting the best wines. And this is our fantastic find. Excellent work.

Notable Alkaline Foods and Supplements:

When we say “Notable,” we really mean that we discovered something that everyone in the world should take. These Gems are fantastic. And in every possible way. Things become even more awesome when combined with living Alkaline. Zlēm is for a restful deep sleep and weight loss by turning fat into stored energy and allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed.

Next, we have Brānthis incredible nootropic. That lifts brain fog and gives you mental clarity. As well as giving you a relaxed boost of energy and keeping your mood upbeat and positive. It is recommended for Dog and Cat Lovers and Their owners as well.

Moving onto Uüth, it’s like the “Fountain of Youth” in a gel. It promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails. Not only does it make you feel great outside, but it also makes you feel younger and more vibrant inside. It is also not only safe for pets but is encouraged.

Now we have Plôs, Which is the best “creamer” in the world. You can put it into coffee or any beverage with caffeine. The caffeine helps kick this into overdrive (it will work without caffeine). The product can help reduce appetite, promote Healthy weight management, and Plays a role in the metabolism of nutrients. Also, it contributes to healthy lipid synthesis and may support the conversion of gat to energy.

Lastly, we have Byōm, which is a fantastic gut-healthy product. Byōm helps balance P.H. levels in your body, Improves digestive health, and boosts cellular hydration. Equally important, it supports proper cell function, supports a healthy immune system, and may help the body fight harmful bacteria.

First, These health marvels are called “Snaps” because you snap them in half to absorb the gel that does the magic! Second, they are all consumed similarly, making them “Snap” to use. Third, they are easy to transport and use, not to mention that they are ideal for sharing. Equally important, they are all designed to work together for ultimate, healthy Alkaline living!

“The State of Flow” will transform your life. You can purchase this and take it daily.

Yes, you have more options. Contribute to Pay It Forward—living Alkaline and utilizing the appropriate supplements and Bio-Hacking Products, as we do. Consider becoming an Ambassador for Changing Others’ Health and Lives. You can find more information here; our Business Partnership program includes full access to our Community and Resources. When you sign up as a Member, we will contact you to provide you with all of the resources and training you need to succeed with us.